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Tips for Hiring a Website Product Photographer

Well-taken product photographs can make or break your chances of a sale, especially in ecommerce. Below are key considerations for anyone looking to hire a professional product photographer:

Overall Feel

We’ll start with the general layout and message of your website. How will the images be integrated? Should they look cool and modern, or friendly and traditional? What emotions do you want your customers to feel as they view the photos?

Cost Issues

When trying to estimate the cost of the shoot, there are a some things you need to keep in mind. For example, the photographer’s physical location and whether the travel costs will be significant are two factors that should be taken into account. Of course, the size of the project will also be a factor. Will payment be made per project or per photo? What must must be photographed and how complex is the result you’re aiming for? Compared to people, for example, jewelry and other reflective objects are more difficult to photograph.

Also consider whether the pictures will also used in newspapers, magazines or other media. These things are also going to influence your final cost. Photographers in general will maintain copyright to the images and give licenses for their use with certain terms – for instance, you may be allowed to use the pictures only on your website and within a span of three years. Thankfully, this is negotiable, depending on your needs. Hence, make it a point to choose a photographer who is customer-oriented, someone who has a genuine concern for your needs.

Getting the Details Straight

An vital part of this discussion concerns details of the photo session itself – for instance, lighting, background, style, and so on. All these must be put in writing to avoid disputes later on. It would also be a great idea to take a few sample shots on a few items first so you can vet them for quality, hence preventing expensive re-shoots.

Post Processing

Finally, before you actually schedule the shoot, tell the photographer how much post processing you’ll be happy with. Brightness, color balancing, contrast – these are some of the basics, but what about more complex editing, like adding a mask? This task is sometimes even outsourced to image retouch specialists.

With professional product photographs, your website’s value can increase with little hassle. But first, you have to start by choosing the right photographer. There are lots of product photographers these days, but spend time checking their work and looking for someone you have personal chemistry with. You don’t only want someone who does the job right but is also a pleasure to work with.

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