A Tree Had to Come Down

I need to have a tree removed. Part of it had fallen down from a bad storm we had, but the majority of it was still standing. I thought that it would be able to recover since only part of it was cracked off, but I could tell after a short amount of time that the tree was dying. I contacted a company that does tree removal in Nassau County. While I was nearly certain that an expert would also agree with me, I still wanted them to make the decision on if it could be saved or not.

The company that I hired to handle this came out a few days later when I had the day off. The lead guy looked at the tree, and he told me that there was nothing that could be done to save it. It was also a danger because the tree had been compromised. We are known to have high winds at times, and the tree could easily come down during the next storm. That could cause some of the trees around it to be damaged too since such a large part of the tree was still standing.

They had the proper equipment to handle a job of this size, and they assured me that no other trees would be damaged while they took that tree all the way down to the ground. They even took the entire stump as well, and I was completely happy with the job that they did. I also appreciated that they told me about some of the other trees, things that needed done with them. I was not pressured whatsoever to have anything done that day or even by them, but I was happy to give them the business because they were professional, friendly, and quite reasonable with their prices. All of that has made them my go to company whenever I need anything done with trees now.