I Got Moved in Last Month

I had no trouble finding some new roommates, although it did not end up being in the place I had been living in. Instead I moved about six blocks to a place that is a little bit closer to the campus. There are three other guys living there, two of them are students that I knew from classes I took with them. The other guy did not seem to do anything except watch TV and troll the internet. Eventually I realized that he was making a pretty decent living playing poker and making sports bets on betting web sites. Continue reading “I Got Moved in Last Month”

A Tree Had to Come Down

I need to have a tree removed. Part of it had fallen down from a bad storm we had, but the majority of it was still standing. I thought that it would be able to recover since only part of it was cracked off, but I could tell after a short amount of time that the tree was dying. I contacted a company that does tree removal in Nassau County. While I was nearly certain that an expert would also agree with me, I still wanted them to make the decision on if it could be saved or not.

The company that I hired to handle this came out a few days later when I had the day off. The lead guy looked at the tree, and he told me that there was nothing that could be done to save it. It was also a danger because the tree had been compromised. We are known to have high winds at times, and the tree could easily come down during the next storm. That could cause some of the trees around it to be damaged too since such a large part of the tree was still standing. Continue reading “A Tree Had to Come Down”