Better Brake Rotors Benefit Cars and Trucks in Many Ways

Most experienced drivers realize that it can pay to spend a bit more on high quality brake pads. Better brake pads will improve stopping power and be less likely to fade, often while lasting longer and making less noise.

Installing upgraded brake rotors can be just as productive, as these parts are every bit as important. Choosing the best brake rotors brand for a given vehicle will mean enjoying many benefits that impact daily driving.

A Great Way to Improve the Performance and Safety of a Car or Truck

Whereas brake pads wear down over time and are meant to be replaced regularly, rotors are less inherently consumable. In fact, many vehicles will rely upon the same rotors for quite a few years and many thousands of miles, with only issues like warping normally necessitating a replacement.

Because rotors are not always swapped out as regularly as pads are, drivers sometimes overlook the critical role they play. While the stock rotors that vehicles are equipped with from the factory will typically handle their duties fairly well, upgraded ones can easily make a real difference. In particular, high quality aftermarket brake rotors will often be superior with regard to:

  • Cooling. Heat is the number one enemy of every brake system, and being able to dissipate it is key to maximizing performance. Brake rotors that are designed to shed heat more effectively will help keep pads cooler, as well, due to being in close proximity to them. Just as pads designed to fade less after being used can help keep a vehicle safer, so can rotors that get rid of heat more quickly do the same.
  • Weight. Drivers who care about performance must always recognize the importance of minimizing weight. This is especially true of unsprung mass that is directly subjected to the stresses imposed by the road below. Brake rotors that are especially light can improve performance while offering other benefits.

An Excellent Investment for Many Drivers

For these reasons and others, it can easily pay to install upgraded aftermarket brake rotors. Whether by waiting until an existing set needs to be replaced or forging ahead regardless, drivers who do so can count on benefiting in several ways.