I Got Moved in Last Month

I had no trouble finding some new roommates, although it did not end up being in the place I had been living in. Instead I moved about six blocks to a place that is a little bit closer to the campus. There are three other guys living there, two of them are students that I knew from classes I took with them. The other guy did not seem to do anything except watch TV and troll the internet. Eventually I realized that he was making a pretty decent living playing poker and making sports bets on betting web sites. I was curious as to how he did it, which is apparently mostly because he is really good at figuring out the odds. At any rate I am sure that you could do it with an app or a calculator, but he does it all in his head. Some of the time he really seems to be taking rather wild chances, but I am quite sure that most of the guys he plays with are not in the right league.

At any rate I have sort of lucked into a girlfriend I think. She and a bunch of other pretty girls live next door to me and they have a very poor landlord who has not been holding up his end of the deal. At any rate Jack told them that I could fix their toilet, which as you could imagine was a really big deal when you have five girls sharing one bathroom. It was not that big of a deal, but they were really happy and ever since they have been inviting me over for lunch or dinner. They were working up to getting me to fix the kitchen sink, but that is probably above my ability to be honest.