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Steps to Conducting an Effective Job Safety Analysis

Determining some of the potential hazards in a job site is considered an important step before the hazards finally become a problem. Most probably, you have heard of the term Job Safety Analysis but many not know what it really means. Job Safety Analysis is the process of analyzing the a specific job to identify some of the hazards involved in it and the best ways to control them. Completing this task means that the workplace can now provide a better and safe working conditions for the workers.

For effectiveness, the job safety analysis should cover every process involved in a specific task. A workplace which runs several tasks at the same time will need several job hazard analysis. Job safety analysis should be handle by a person who understands better the potential risks involved in a workplace. Usually, the person who does this work is the supervisor.

Once you have had a clear understanding of the nature of the work, you can now divide them into manageable steps. Mostly, these steps should be related to the job itself and the job area. Hence any change in the work area will lead to a change in the steps as well. The JSA may be burdensome to the employees if the step are too detailed. Nevertheless, under detailed steps may also miss some of the potential threats.

After breaking down he steps, you should then determine the risks involved in each. This is the most daunting JSA part. Here, the main objective is to determine everything that may be dangerous in terms of safety and health. Identify how things like the machines, environment and the chemicals used can become a hazard. There are certain factors that may help you identify the threats and such include other projects going on around the job site, what caused some of the past injuries and also regulatory requirements.

The third stage is to determine possible controls for the hazards. The control involves how you will get rid of the dangers or reduce the chances of injures. Once the three stages are over, the job hazard analysis should be well developed hence the right time to share it with the workers. The job safety analysis will only be effective if it is well understood by the workers.

Before starting work, it is important to review the JSA to ensure that every worker understands what is required of the job. In case the nature of the work changes in any way, the JSA should be reviewed to include the new risks involved and even shared with the workers.

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