Why the Smock Dress is Perfect for Summer

As an avid fashion follower, you might be interested in wearing a smocked dress these following summer months as this beautiful piece of fashion comes from old-school principles; however, these days, it is deeply embedded in providing flow and elegance for all women during the hot summer months. Therefore, it might be a good idea to do some research surrounding this type of dress and read articles on websites such as cettire reviews to find some common ground on what fashion experts suggest and what you feel you would like to personally accomplish by using this dress in your wardrobe for the summery months. In addition, you might find several versions of this type of dress from various designers and fashion brands; however, finding the perfect one for your style and body type might initially feel overwhelming, which is why it is recommended to read many reviews surrounding this topic before deciding on that perfect little number to add to your artillery of dresses ready to be worn this summer.

Smocking is back

This method of wearing a garment is no longer confined to children’s wear, as many years back, have proved it to be. Still, now it is a trendsetting garment widely available to all consumers, especially for the ladies, in terms of it coming in the forms of flowy summery dresses made to impress with different styles, colors, and techniques to ensure no one is left in the dark when it comes to this must-have fashion necessity. In addition, smocking is now used to make beautiful tube tops and other dresses where only the middle is accentuated with this technique. Henceforth, creating an equilibrium between childish desires to play and explore with the modern spin-off of accentuating a ladies’ figure while allowing for breeziness in terms of making it the perfect garment for all summer and springtime attire.

The smock’s history

Many are unsure about the true origins of the smock; however, it is believed to have been created for both men and women in the Middle Ages to wear underneath their gowns and garments. Later, this piece of clothing evolved into something worn by European peasants who wore then as an outer lining garment to protect their clothing while working. Henceforth, it is also known that the art of smocking peasants invented a piece of material to reduce the amount of material used in making these attire, and never could these folks have imagined that their efforts to sustain their material would ultimately lead to a favorite being worn by little girls’ dresses and the last couple of years by ladies as well. So, in retrospect, to think that this type of dress came from an undergarment worn by men into what we know today is a far cry from what fashion experts would like us to believe. But as with everything in life, the more interesting the back story, the more interesting the garment is today.

Dare to be you

So, in summation, it is clear that the smock dress has evolved substantially since its early inception. Amazingly, people only illustrated the dress millions adore today in children’s books in the 1880s. In addition to all of this, it is fantastic to know that today there are no limitations on this type of dress, and it seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to its versatility in the wardrobe; however, it still keeps true to its roots of childhood days filled with joy as well as the aspect of wearing them on those hot summery days.

Dan Alhabsy

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